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Blue Sky

The Junior Squad comprises of swimmers aged 10 and under. The objective of the team is to promote healthy competition with aspirations geared towards sportsmanship, excellence & inculcating the following values: 

  • Regardless of meet result, encourage them to always keep trying. 

  • Winning at sports includes friendship, teamwork, skill development and good fun!

  • Encourage them to accept results and learn from their mistakes.

  • Encourage them good efforts is more important than winning or losing.

This program prepares them for age group, school and inter-club competitions. 



- Ages 10 and under

- Attend training at least 3x/week

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Blue Sky


Swimmers in this team are 11 year old & above who have demonstrated a commitment towards swimming as a competitive sport. 

Competitive elements such as stroke techniques, race patterns and swim drills are emphasized for this team. Endurance and overall fitness is improved through weekly land exercises.


- Ages 11 and above

- Attend trainings at least 5x/week

- Regular participation in swim competitions

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Red & White

Red & White

Named after our national colours, the Red & White team consists of a range of swimmers aged 14 years & above. From age group to national level representatives, the year round program is designed for swimmers who are committed to excellence in sport. 

At this stage, the swimmers are not only instilled with goal setting skills, but also essential life skills that are developed through competitive swimming. 

Swimmers will compete in the senior level of Singapore Swimming, and are expected to meet the attendance and other requirements of the program. 


- Ages 14 and above

- Attend 10 training sessions per week

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Red & White
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