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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between APS Swim School and Aquatic Performance Swim Club (APSC)?

The APS Swim School manages swim programs through a systematic approach of having both full administration support and a structured program to deliver the fundamentals of Learn-to-Swim (inclusive of Learn-to-Swim, Cross Training, Learn-to-Dive, Learn-to-Synchro)

Once students are qualified they can start their competitive career with APSC. APSC oversees 5 teams of competitive swimming team with 1 Artistic Swimming (Synchronized) team and 1 Diving team. The majority APSC recruits are from our Learn-To-Swim graduates. 

2. How do I enroll my child?


Please review Our Programs available on this website to have a better understanding on the programs available. Do also check out our Policy and Guidelines (under the FAQ tab). This is important to ensure parents and child are agreeable to the policies of the school before they sign up. We would like to ensure that both the school and parents' objectives and goals are aligned to foster the best environment for your child to learn.

Once agreeable to the policy and guidelines, fill out the Swimmers Details Form, email us at and we will get back to you.  

Please note we do not provide trial sessions. However, upon arrangement, you and your child may visit our training ground at your convenience. You may observe the training programs and even speak with the coaches, parents & swimmers when they are available.

3. Can I request my child to be enrolled in a specific team?

No. Based on the swimmers’ swim times and personal particulars, swimmers will be enrolled in a team most suited to them.

4. What is the fee structure and payment policy?

Fees are:

- Annual Member Subscription (October to September): S$205.00

- Red & White: $220/month & Deposit - S$225

- Blue Sky, Jetfire, Red & White Junior, Artistic Swimming & Diving - S$205.00/month & Deposit - S$205.00

A deposit of 1 Month will be required

A full month fee will be charged if at student joins on the 1st & 2nd week of the month.

If the child join 3rd or 4th week, it will be pro-rated to half month fee.

Fees are due on the first week of the month.

5. What do I do when it rains?

There will be lessons regardless of the weather. If there is bad weather, stroke drills, stretching and calisthenics exercises related to swimming will be conducted.

6. What happens in the event of a pool closure?

We will inform you ahead of time should the swimming complex be closed on certain occasions. An alternate pool will be designated.

7. What if my child falls sick?

We do not provide make up lessons

8. What should I do if I need to discontinue the class?

You may make use of the standard discontinuation form provided by the office or also available here

A one-month notice is required. Note: Absence from lesson does not indicate withdrawal unless the withdrawal form is received.

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