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Policy and Guidelines

The following information is important to you. Please take a moment to go through them.



1. Please be punctual.                                                                       

2. The poolside is strictly out of bounds for parents. If you wish to speak to any of our Swim Teachers, please inform the Deck Coordinator and she will arrange a meeting.                                                                                     

3. After class, please arrange for your child to shower and change immediately. Do not allow your child to be in the water.




Please attend all training sessions except on:

i) New Year’s Day

ii) Chinese New Year’s Days 1-2

iii) Christmas Day

iv) One week in September or a selected month (will depend on the international competition calendar)             

*Please note that there are certain months in the calendar year with a 5th week. There are no extra charges for the additional lessons.


Photography and Videography Policy:

As we believe that the best ambassadors for the school are its student. APS/ APSC may use photographs/ videos of your children to illustrate on the School’s website/ social media platform.

Parents are not allowed to take photographs/ videos during the lessons. No photography/ videography devices are to be used in the changing rooms, this includes video calls.

Parents may only take photographs/ videos of your child during events held by APS/APSC. E.g Novice Meet, Squad Meet, APSC Championship, Camps etc. However, we ask all parents to undertake to use any such images in a responsible manner with thought for other parents and children.                                                                


Personal Data & Privacy Policy:
Your privacy is important to us. APS Swim School/ APSC has a Privacy Policy, we collect, use your personal data for purposes relating to your enrolment and other activities of APS Swim School/ APSC.


Artistic Swimming: Upon discontinuation, swimmers are required to return all team costumes as it belongs to the club. The choreography of music & routines is a club property; hence swimmers are not allowed to use once they have discontinued their membership with the club.  


Club Activities:

All swimmers are to actively support these activities:

APSC Swimming Championships, Centralized Training, all National and Invitational Swim Meets & Fund-raising events.

Parents are encouraged to attend the Parent Support Group Meetings.

Withdrawal of from Club Policy:                                                        

1. If you wish to withdraw your child from the program, please inform our office one-month in advance by filling up the Discontinuation form available at the office) or via email to and  by 12pm on 20th of the month.

Please adhere strictly to the time/date as we are required to facilitate the bank’s time line requirement.                                      

2. Medical cases with valid documentation qualify for immediate discontinuation.                                    

Note: Absence from training does not indicate withdrawal from class unless the withdrawal form is received.


Re-Enrolment Fee:

Kindly give us a call when you are ready to resume training.

A re-enrolment fee of S$205/- is applicable in addition to the monthly fee.

The following reasons for withdrawal of class will be exempted from this fee: - medical grounds & expatriate swimmers homeland visits.



Monthly swim fee will be deducted MONTHLY via GIRO on the 1ST of each calendar month. If the 1st

falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, deductions will be made on the next working day. If

deduction fails, GIRO will be suspended and the outstanding amount shall be settled by cash or

cheque. An administrative fee S$15 will apply.

  1. Annual Subscription Fee - S$205.00 (full rate from October to September & non-refundable).

  2. The deposit is one-month’s fee. This will serve as lesson fees for the one-month notice.

  3. Monthly Fee By GIRO - S$225.00 (Red&White) & S$205.00 (Jetfire, Bluesky, Red & White Junior, Diving and Synchro)

  4. Monthly Fee By Cash/Paynow or Cheque – S$240.00 (Red&White) & S$220.00 (Jetfire, Bluesky, Diving and Synchro)

  5. Receipts will be issued for cash/paynow/cheque payments.

  6. For new enrolment, lesson that starts from the 3rd week of the month will be pro-rated at S$112.50 / S$102.50.


Please write the student’s name and month of fee payment on the reverse side for all cheque

payments. Our mailing address: Orchard P. O. Box 788, Singapore 912327.


NOTE: The Aquatic Performance Swim Club reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any person from the activities and programs of the Swim Club and to amend any of the above Terms and Conditions from time to time as deemed appropriate.            



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